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The Important of Brake Repair

Brake repairs and maintenance should be a common routine for all car owners whether it is a Ford or not. Your brakes and rotors are your vehicle's most important safety feature and keeping your brake pads and rotors in great condition will allow you to make quick and reliable stops and maneuvers when needed the most. There are two types of brakes and depending on your vehicles year you could have disc brakes, drum brakes, or a mix of both. The most common types of brake related repairs are brake pad replacement, a brake fluid flush, and rotor replacement/repair. 

Is it time to replace or repair your Brake Pads?

There's no real precise guide on when to perform brake repairs, as someone driving in stop and go traffic will put more brake wear and have to perform break maintenance more frequently than someone who has a casual freeway drive. Many cars have built-in wear sensors that scrape against the brake disc when the brake pads need to be replaced.

Common Warning Signs of Brake Trouble

  • Squealing or grinding noises during braking
  • Poor braking problem (hard to stop the car)
  • Pulling to one side, or "grabbing"
  • Loss of brake pedal
  • Pulsation of the brake pedal during braking
  • Clicking noises during braking
  • Excessive drag during acceleration ("Anchor Away" Syndrome)
  • Lit ABS light for the anti lock brakes

What is Done During a Brake Pad Replacement?

  • Install new brake pads
  • Resurface rotors
  • Lube caliper slides
  • Inspect brake components

Advantages of using Ford Motorcraft Brake pads:

  • Specially Designed - Factory brake pads are made specifically for your make and model, tested and manufactured to perform their best. 
  • Higher Quality - Aftermarket brake pads may be made of a harder material which will result in premature wear to the rotors, and improperly heat treated. 
  • Stopping Power - If inferior quality components are used, they will not allow the vehicle's brakes to operate within the designed criteria and stopping distances may even increase. For example, if a vehicle is designed to go from 60mph to 0 mph in 230 feet, when low quality parts are installed that distance can increase to 280 feet or more. This could mean the difference between a close-call and serious accident.
  • Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee*Ford Draper is ready to serve, and with Ford's Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee we stop at nothing to make sure you can stop for anything. That's why we provide a Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee. Our brake pads are specifically designed and engineered for Ford and Lincoln vehicles. For optimum stopping power, schedule a brake inspection at Ford Lincoln Draper in Utah.

*Available for Motorcraft® brake pads purchased after 7/1/14 and Omnicraft™ brake pads purchased after 7/1/17. Nontransferable. Replacement requires copy of original repair order and completion of any other necessary brake service, such as brake rotor service. Motorcraft or Omnicraft brake pads must be installed by U.S. Ford or Lincoln Dealership or Quick Lane® technicians to be covered. Pads only; labor costs not included. Restrictions and exclusions apply. Omnicraft is a trademark of Ford Motor Company. See participating U.S. dealership for details.

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