What is CNG?

CNG is an available alternative to gasoline that is created by compressing natural gas to less than 1% of its volume at standard atmospheric pressure. CNG is odorless, colorless and tasteless. It is drawn from domestically drilled natural gas wells or in conjection with crude oil production. 


Care about the environment? Using CNG means releasing less pollution into the air.

Natural gas vehicles can have a direct, positive impact on America's air quality and environment today. Natural gas vehicles in urban environments are a solution for improving local air quality.


Driving doesn't have to cost big bucks. Switching to CNG means paying about half as much at the pump.

Compressed natural gas (CNG) is an affordable alternative when compared to gasoline or diesel fuel. CNG can cut fuel costs by about 50% while delivering the same power and performance. In addition, with fuel emissions standards rising in cities more fleet organizations are seeing the value natural gas can add to their budgets.


The world may be running out of some fuel supplies. But we keep finding new reserves of CNG.

Vast new natural gas resources are being discovered across North America. In the past five years, shale reservoirs have revealed natural gas deposits that doubled previous estimated U.S. gas reserves - giving us close to a 100-year supply. And the supply is growing as new technology allows us to produce from large reserves that were too difficult to access until recently. It's vital because many experts agree that global oil production has peaked, even as demand is still rising. Because of its growing abundance, domestic natural gas will play a major role in meeting our 21st-century energy needs.

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